CEO Greetings

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CEO Greetings

CEO Greetings

At KolmarBNH, we value beauty and health.

Hello. I’m Inyeong Baek, the president and CEO of KolmarBNH.

With a sincere heart, each and every member of KolmarBNH are efforting to make responsible products to deliver to our customers values beyond the products.

Adding the values of love and happiness to the products, regarding customers with earnestness and trust, and realizing the dream of beauty and health of humanity. These are the goals and missions of KolmarBNH.

KolmarBNH plans to achieve both quantitative (increased sales) and qualitative (investment in human capital) growth and expand to the world.

We value our customers, shareholders and employees. As the CEO, I will keep to the fundamentals and principles and manage the company in transparent and sound manner.

Thank you.